Why Install LED Sports Field Lighting?

If you want to install new lights on your sports field, then you have to choose which type of bulbs to use in your lights. This decision affects how well your lights work. LED lights are a good all-around option here. What are their benefits?

Better Light Coverage

Different bulbs distribute light in different ways. Ideally, you want your lights to shine brightly and to cover as much ground as possible over your field. However, this doesn't always work as well as you might expect. For example, traditional high-intensity discharge lights give out a bright and effective light. However, this light is omnidirectional—it shines across a limited area. This often means that a sports light has a limited bright spot. The light won't spread far from the pole in the right direction.

LED lights give you better light coverage. Their light spread doesn't decrease as much around the pole. Your poles will all illuminate larger areas on your field.

Longer-Lasting Illumination

All sports lights shine brightly when you first install them. However, some lights degrade quite quickly. They lose lumen performance. For example, metal halide lights are initially very white and bright. However as bulbs age with use, this white light will dim. It might take on a pink tinge that doesn't illuminate the ground effectively.

LED lights retain their initial sharp brightness more effectively. They don't have the same lumen deficiencies as other lights. Your lights will provide bright and consistent lighting for longer.

Lower Costs

You should think about your maintenance and bulb replacement costs before you choose which sports lights to install on your field. These bulbs aren't easy to change, and you don't want your replacement costs to eat into your maintenance budget too much.

If a light doesn't last long or loses some of its brightness, then you will have to change it more often. It's not safe to play sports on a badly-lit field. As well as paying for new bulbs, you'll also have to pay someone to change them. Plus, some bulbs use more energy than others. The more energy a bulb uses, the more money you pay to operate your lights.

LED lights cut your costs. These lights have a long working life, so you won't have high replacement or maintenance costs. Plus, these bulbs don't use a lot of power, so your energy costs will stay low.

For more advice about your new sports field lighting, contact commercial electricians. 

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