Services You Didn't Know Your Electric Company Might Offer

Managing your home's electricity bills and electrical service takes careful attention to your costs, your consumption, and the communications you receive from your electric company. Most homeowners are familiar with electric company services such as budget billing, but there are many services that your electric company might offer that you may not even be aware of. Here are a few things to inquire with your electric company about, because they might help you save money.

Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is a valuable tool for identifying areas where your home is less efficient than it should be. Your electric company will evaluate your home's condition, looking for air gaps, drafts, and other places where your home heating and cooling energy could be wasted. They will also identify places where you are experiencing wasteful energy consumption from leaving things plugged in unnecessarily or using power strips improperly. These audits are valuable because your electric company has the experience and knowledge to identify things that you may not even realize are problematic.

Hardship Fund Assistance

Home energy costs have increased significantly in recent years. When you're struggling to make ends meet with higher electric bills, higher grocery bills, and other increases in your cost of living, it's important to take every possible step for assistance. When you're facing the potential for shut-off because of late payments, your electric company might have a hardship fund that you can apply for to help offset that balance. 

Most electric companies don't volunteer the information, so you'll have to call and inquire directly. Ask if they have a hardship fund or other similar resources to help those who are struggling with increased costs. You might find that there are other assistance options as well, especially if you have young children or anyone with serious medical conditions in your home.

Meter Test

If you have had the home energy audit already and you're suddenly seeing a marked increase in your electric bills without explanation, you might want to ask your electric company about a meter test. When you have reason to believe that your meter is malfunctioning, filing a complaint and requesting a meter test can help uncover the problem. That way, they can replace the malfunctioning meter and potentially even adjust your electric bills. 

These are just a few of the services that many electric companies offer even if consumers don't realize it. Talk with your electric contractor today to see what other types of services they might provide.

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