What to Look for in a Commercial Generator

Power outages can strike at any time, causing chaos to your business operations. This is where commercial generators come in. Not only do they ensure that your business remains operational during outages, but they also provide peace of mind to business owners. However, not all commercial generators are created equal. Some may be better suited for your business needs than others. This blog post will be looking at what to look for in a commercial generator.

1. Power Output
The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a commercial generator is its power output. The power output should be more than the total power demands of your business. This is to avoid overworking your generator, which can lead to burnout and costly damages. Therefore, it's essential to evaluate all your power needs to ensure you get a generator that can handle them comfortably. Most generators come with wattage labels, so ensure you pick one that matches your business's power requirements.

2. Fuel Type
Most commercial generators run on either diesel or natural gas. The fuel type you choose should depend on the availability of fuel in your location. Diesel generators are ideal if you have a large tank, while natural gas generators are perfect if you have a gas line installed. Overall, natural gas is cheaper than diesel, making it an increasingly attractive option.

3. Transfer Switch
Transfer switches are essential components of your commercial generator. In case of a power interruption, a transfer switch connects your generator to your business's electrical system, ensuring all your power needs are met. When choosing a generator, ensure it comes with a durable and reliable transfer switch.

4. Noise Level
Another factor to consider when choosing a commercial generator is its noise level. This may not be a significant issue for businesses operating in remote areas, but it's crucial for businesses located in densely populated areas. A generator with a high noise level may lead to noise pollution complaints from local authorities. Therefore, pick a generator with a low noise level to avoid such problems.

5. Maintenance
Commercial generators are significant investments, and thus, they require regular maintenance. When choosing a generator, ensure you check for maintenance requirements such as oil and filter changes, fuel stabilization, and battery replacement. It's essential to select a generator whose maintenance requirements you can comfortably keep up with.

Choosing a commercial generator is a crucial decision for your business. It's essential to identify what your power needs are, the fuel type available, the transfer switch quality, noise level and maintenance requirements when making your selection. A suitable generator will not only keep your business operational during power outages but can also save you money in the long run.

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