Is Your Walk-In Cooler Failing

If you keep most of your store's refrigerated goods in a walk-in cooler, the last thing you might expect is for your cooler to leak water, make noises, or do something else strange. But if your walk-in cooler does act strangely, address the issue immediately. Your walk-in cooler may need repairs soon. Learn why walk-in coolers hum and how you can repair your cooler below.

Is Your Walk-In Cooler Failing?

Your walk-in cooler keeps all of your dairy products, produce, and other goods fresh and cold until you need them. If your cooler doesn't work properly, the goods inside it will rot or spoil.  

Your walk-in cooler relies on several crucial components to keep it going, including an electric motor and a compressor. The motor gives power or energy to the compressor. The compressor uses the energy to expel heat out of your walk-in cooler. If the motor, compressor, or another component stops working, your walk-in cooler will do a number of things, including:

  • Build up with ice and overheat
  • Make strange noises 
  • Leak water
  • Take too long to become cold

Your walk-in cooler may not fail right away. However, the appliance will fail to get cold enough to protect your goods. The loss of products can eventually affect your income. 

You may choose to purchase a new cooler to replace your current cooler. Rather than purchase a new walk-in cooler, repair it. 

Is There a Way to Fix Your Walk-In Cooler?

Although it may seem more cost-effective to buy a new cooler for your store, it may not be. The repairs needed for your cooler may be more cost-effective than you think. A repair contractor can troubleshoot your cooler to see why it isn't working properly. 

One of the first things a contractor may do is check the cooler's thermostat and door seals. A cooler can become warm inside and leak if it isn't set to the right temperature. If the seals inside the cooler's doors loosen up and break, warm air can seep inside the cooler and prevent it from getting cool. 

A contractor will also check your cooler's motor and compressor during the visit. The motor and compressor will make noises if they overheat. You want a contractor to repair the motor and compressor before they break down completely. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a new cooler to replace your old appliance. 

For more information on commercial walk-in freezer repair, contact a professional near you.

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